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October 9th, 2003 1 comment

This poem was posted to my friend Dacia’s weblog recently and I had to repost it in my blog as I thought it was really powerful. I have found myself on occassion timid to venture into the world of committment so this poem hit home in a few different ways. I think it describes a past feeling and then a feeling desired in the future…

A fear is there,
A fear of me,
I fear of how it might be,
A fear of feelings running astray,
A fear of emotions to strong to say,
A fear of my heart telling my mind what to do,
I fear of what I am feeling might be true,
A fear if I ignore it,it might go away,
A fear if I chase it, it might just stay,
A fear of what it will lead to,
I fear of what it means to me,
I fear if I dont grab it,
I fear loneliness will not let me be,
I fear if I go after it,
That fear it might be true,
A fear of what I am about to say,
“I fear I am in love with you”

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