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Man oh Man…

July 19th, 2004 6 comments

To each of you that continue to visit this website for whatever reasons, I have poored many of my thoughts out to you over the past year+, sometimes to my own detriment but often to my own upliftment. Visitors have ranged from ex-girlfriends, college buddies, co-workers, executives, friends, and maybe even some foes… Shouts out to my Malaysia, Alaska, ex-Yugoslavia-Serbia-Montenegro, and Austrailian friends!

So much has continued to transpire over the prior weeks that it really has been unbelievable. In the past 3 months I’ve risked everything and took some of the biggest chances in my life. I’m not really going to detail out what that means or even talk much about it because right now I’m more focused on the future than ever before. Time as it always does, has revealed a lot to me about myself and the people around me. I am more humbled than ever before now that’s for sure…

I just want to wish everyone no matter who you are, what your flaw is, what mistakes you’ve made, what your race, gender, etc are, the absolute best for you and all of your endeavors and journey through life towards personal fulfillment.

I love you all truly… I’m tired as hell and will stop rambling now and head back to my hotel for the night… (Chicago this time around…) Goodnight and God Bless 😉

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