Tough it may be, only I can see
For me to be, the best I can be
I want that for me
That only makes sense you see.

I’ve dreamt many dreams
And schemed many schemes
I’ve plotted many plots
People want to read my thoughts.
In this game of life
I feel like I’m caught.
Standing still, is my deal
But not the hand I want to play,
The games I want to play
Can’t exist today.

I struggle and strive
To create a reality divine
That’s real enough to be real
And provide all life’s thrills
I need understanding why
That’s on the real.

It’s hard to figure out
But so am I
Why I feel so damn frustrated
All the damn time.
Maybe I’m not living in a world
That’s completely mine.

I fight to hold
The tears that want to roll
People think I’m gold
But I feel like coal
You think I’m playing,
You just don’t know
These f’&#ed up thoughts
I want them to go

What’s inside of me
I’m really convinced
That what’s inside of me
Doesn’t make any sense

Man, why am I buggin
I just don’t know
I guess that’s just the way
This story goes
Damn . . . .

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