Like An Orange

You are excited to come across your favorite fruit, it is the orange you love and that you pursue. You hold me as an orange, nutritious to your body, and tasty to your tongue, but an orange I am, is not what you believe, rather possibly perceive. You keep peeling back my skin, to verify what’s within, with your layers of distrust, many men you’ve cussed….

Layer after layer, you fail to simply believe, that God blessed you with a gift, you may be unable to receive. Stop peeling and start kneeling, to give the Lord his Thanks, if an orange is what you need, I am truly an orange indeed. Don’t peel my skin for verification, or to seek justification, just accept me for what I am, trusting me…. you can. Peel for reward, so true love we can work toward….An orange is an orange is an orange, now lets move forward.

Written April 18, 2003

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