Meager Lines

Celebrated in a few meager lines of an email is the plight of a man that’s chosen to be alone…. But is being alone truly the state that has been pursued or is it rather a step of preparation for the true joining of spirit with a being equivalent in stature and humbled by his fondness? Fools prepare for yesterday why those wise in thought prepare for tomorrow.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare – key to survival as without its action failure is inevitable. Failure. Such a solemn word eliciting fear, anger, and resent all in two syllables but one breath. Failure can characterize or it can strengthen the man celebrated in a few meager lines of an email….

Failure is only capable of eliciting strength from a soul it has afflicted only when that soul has discovered one of many truths in the existence of any man. That one truth belies the fact that one’s failure is another’s gain. Such is the equilibrium of the world. One will always win at the same time another loses. One will succeed always as another fails. This is the flow of the competitive tides of life’s oceans…..

The comfort in failure is that it is unavoidable by no one. Everyone shall be a victim inevitably at some point mid-stride in the leap towards success. And while one falls victim to failure, it’s opposite will hold true in that another in that same bound will land on his dreams of accomplishment no matter the size of his stride. All in the same stride one will fail and another will succeed, but nevertheless no one will always land in either place. Such is our plight through the valleys and across the peaks of life. Success and Failure…. Failure and Success….. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

Celebrated in a few meager lines of an email is the plight of a man that has chosen success and failure all in one stride. Successful he shall be and a Failure he shall be. But never at the same time….. Success or failure is not the choice as both he will eventually be. One must keep striding through success and failure as that is really the choice. The stride of failure or the stride of success is determinable by choice as the end-result. Success is the chosen stride of a man celebrated in a few meager lines of an email that’s chosen to be alone…..

-Written June 2003

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