Random Thought

A dream unfolds right before our very eyes, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Imagination fills the voids of our being with the love and desire of being complete. Distant are the things that we treasure but oh so close are the things we fear. Tainted by loss, driven by passion, and focused on the future, we move forward turning potential into past with every accomplishment. Envied by many and admired by some, we strive not to impress but rather to impress upon – our goals are attainable by many rather than few. That is our common belief in our pursuit of excellence, family, love, and spiritual fruition….. I am you and you are I. Maybe we will be one should cupid strike, or maybe this will all be just for fun. Shall we continue forward until this story is done? My hope is that it could be a never-ending song….

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