The Truth

You desire the truth but deny the true essence of your presence ever since adolensence you miscounted all your blessing , steady denying others pacifying the ups and downs problems abound your character uncharacteristically common and ordinary is delivery. Yet you cast stones upon me blind unable to see the quick and swift, analyzed content exposing to behold your true nature to the world, plots unfurl as hair uncurls, vanity translation insantiy, captivity is your minds digression but yet your confession denys the truth unable to speak your mind is too weak stand up on your feet failure don’t repeat together we must defeat the chains that contain restrain refrain your progress forwarrd toward knowledge power wealth freedom physical enslavement to spiritual liberation. Why why why should I I I try to deny my spiritual cry to assist while resist the temptation to seek redemption for all that’s mentioned through 8 bars of slow song, 7 days of wrong, 2 weekends of fun while gaining 2 minutes of pleasure? You never ever weathered my storms, ever performed, to my level unless in trouble with the noble but fictional idea that you are included in my desire while my burning fire is to deliver you the truth that you ask but characterly uncharacterly do not desire.

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