What To Do… What To Do…

What to do, what to do,
When the girl that rocks my world
Isn’t the one I call my girl?
With crazy ideas my head’ll swirl.

I’m coco for cocoa puffs,
She’s got the right stuff.
Not just what’s between her legs,
I mean of course I wouldn’t know.
She’s got her head on straight and that’s for sho!

My girls incredible, but this one’s got class,
My girls got a boody, but she’s got an Ass!
Her passion runs through me,
Vital fluids to my soul,
I can’t feel guilty, cause what I feel is gold.
No it’s priceless!
Twice as nice, red beans and rice,
A bag of chips with the dip,
My caramel candy that makes me feel dandy,
Two scoops sexual chocholate warm my body like brandy.
Wheewww! I thought you knew . . .

What to do . . . What to do . . . I just don’t know.
I’d better make a decision, that ‘s for show,
Or my girls gonna put me 6 feet below.

I never calculated, this calculation,
To see her move, creates imagination.
Are bodies come close, our lips come closer, her hands the closest
Oh God is this it?!
Answers – I’m trying to find them,
She doin’ the decidin’.
A tongues on my chest, I’m holdin’ breast,
Oh God can you help me pass this test?

Temperatures risin, it’s not the only thing climbin’.
My conscious is cryin’, my bodies smilin’,
My hearts poundin’, I’m bout to start clownin’.

Let’s drop the top and make it hot,
Pop the clutch and hit the gas.
All man, I’m about to hit this ass!
My bodies swerving as I’m looking at her curvin’
Breathe in Breathe out – Oh Shit she’s pullin it out!
If my girl finds out, she won’t understand,
She’ll bust out my windshield one mo gain!
But I may not get this chance again. Is this sin?

What to do . . . What to do . . . I just don’t know.
Call me in the morning . . .
I really gotta go . . .
How it’ll all end up . . .
Well . . . That’s really just for me to know.

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