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The Pittman Inc was founded in 2003 by Samuel Pittman to provide the foundation for multiple diverse business opportunities that he began pursuing as far back as 1997 alongside his twin brother Roosevelt. This would involve youth mentoring, success coaching, publishing, and public speaking. Having a knack for being talented and successful at numerous things, Samuel felt destined and capable of building a phenomenal company. Today the company is focused primarily on publishing TPI Magazine, and leveraging its success as a platform for auxillary personal services such as mentoring the youth.

The vision of The Pittman Inc is not ordinary in nature but rather stems from a burning passion to make a positive difference in the lives of African Americans and ultimately all people in general. With focus on inspiring young adults to better themselves and provide them with role models that have largely duplicable and highly attainable success, The Pittman Inc’s intention is to redefine who/what is looked as a role model in our society. Ultimately not only will the people’s lives that are impacted become great contributors to our world, they will be able to target a level of success that reasonably attainable by the masses rather than a small minute few.

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