Man oh Man…

To each of you that continue to visit this website for whatever reasons, I have poored many of my thoughts out to you over the past year+, sometimes to my own detriment but often to my own upliftment. Visitors have ranged from ex-girlfriends, college buddies, co-workers, executives, friends, and maybe even some foes… Shouts out to my Malaysia, Alaska, ex-Yugoslavia-Serbia-Montenegro, and Austrailian friends!

So much has continued to transpire over the prior weeks that it really has been unbelievable. In the past 3 months I’ve risked everything and took some of the biggest chances in my life. I’m not really going to detail out what that means or even talk much about it because right now I’m more focused on the future than ever before. Time as it always does, has revealed a lot to me about myself and the people around me. I am more humbled than ever before now that’s for sure…

I just want to wish everyone no matter who you are, what your flaw is, what mistakes you’ve made, what your race, gender, etc are, the absolute best for you and all of your endeavors and journey through life towards personal fulfillment.

I love you all truly… I’m tired as hell and will stop rambling now and head back to my hotel for the night… (Chicago this time around…) Goodnight and God Bless 😉

Where Do I Start….

Well – I have been vacant from my own personal website for quite some time now consumed in personal affairs, TPI, and work largely. Much has transpired since I last posted with some real highs and definitely some lows but as usual I find my flat lining through it all steadily advancing forward not necessarily in glorious fashion but certainly not too quietly to go unnoticed either.

TPI has hit some significant milestones recently. Most notably, the throughly prepared business plan has been completed and is ready to go before potential investors & partners. I feel like I’ve reached the point where going it alone much further could prove to be quite overwhelming given my high level of other responsibilites. So efforts have now turned towards identifying some hungry leaders that truly tune into TPI and help advance its mission and vision. I am seeking RFQ (Request for Quotes) on the design of the first issue of the print version of “TPI Magazine” and also have began developing the online presence for it at There are some marketing activities in the works including potentially a large community conference type of event, public speaking engagements, networking road-trips, and advertising opportunities.

Work, which has become a 24×7 responsibility, has demanded a lot of mindshare, time, and energy to maintain my same quality level of work. Managing a couple of projects on top of all my additional responsibilities definitely takes a lot out of you at the end of the day especially when things aren’t going smoothly – but that’s to be expected so I have no complaints. The remainder of year looks to be packed with even more new challenges, a steady supply of old ones, and maybe a few surprises 🙂

I have taken somewhat of a sabatical from the social scene not by intention but more so just to allow some things (and people) to come into focus better showing their true colors (and intentions). It seems that there are some people out there that would choose to speak down upon folks they have never even met and others who speak upon what is “apparent” versus what is actually “true”. That’s cool though – people don’t surprise me much these days because I’ve been raised well enough and experienced enough to see through most of the B.S. that comes my way from others… No matter where you go there will always be good people and bad people, and then just people – lol 😛 So no love loss…

Many people in life expect some things in life to be too good to be true – they usually turn out to be right simply because of their flawless ability to manifest that expectation into the situations they encounter on a day to day basis. My life has been good (with all its plus and minus) but I still expect it to just continue getting better. Most of my plans for the future are intricately developed in the background of my everyday work while unconsciously I put one foot in front of the other to make goals transition to past achievements. I’m happy with my life because for the most part I’m in the right-now moment for all its worth and I appreciate all that it entails…

I’m going through somewhat of a mid-life crisis with the hair style. I just don’t really know what direction I want to go with it so I find myself wearing styles I never imagined I would. An afro and a Lenny Kravitz type of look have been the predominant styles of late. I feel another change coming but we’ll see what that turns out to be.

For those of you close that I haven’t spoken to in a while. Your not out of mind and still in the heart. Be patient with me as if a friend I was – a friend I still am and intend to be 😉

Well – I’m sure I’ve said enough for the time being tonight. Bed is calling and I have 6am date with work 😉 God Bless everyone and if you get a moment, sign the guestbook or post a comment or something so I don’t shut this site down and just talk to myself 🙂 lol