Week in Reflection

Well the week is coming to an end and it had some interesting moments. Monday evening started off with a bang when I received a call from a young lady that I met this past summer in Detroit. When I answered the call and said hello she basically proceeded to slam me and tell me that my existence as a friend to her was no longer needed and have a good life. I was like “wow” – you got me with this one… Her beef with me was that I wasn’t any kind of friend because I normally would only call to speak with her every couple of weeks or so. She said I was all about my career and only cared about myself, that I had no heart, etc…

Despite making it very clear to her that a friendship was all that we would have when we first met, avoiding any kind of intamcy-related interaction with her, and reinterating my feelings, here I am getting slammed as if I had a girlfriend, had one-night-standed her and told her to buzz off.

She’s a nice young lady and her family is nice but…. Anyway, I’m probably only posting this because it points out the fact that no matter who you are, you will be hard-pressed to make a fan out of everybody, despite your best intentions.

Moving on to Tues-Weds things were for the most part all about work except for a quite lengthy conversation I shared with two women about why there are so many single, independent, talented, beautiful Black Women struggling to find themselves an acceptable mate. We also talked about why men cheat or have other women that they sleep with outside of their monogomous relationships.

I was determined to get my expense reports up-to-date and turned in before Thanksgiving because it just made no sense to have almost $2000 outstanding being owed to me by Dynetics and I couldn’t get simply because I hadn’t done my part yet…

Thanksgiving was nice in Chicago and I did eat good which was nice for a change 🙂 I did the blessing this year which was cool as I don’t often do it at big dinners. I also layed the smack-hand down on the pool table serving up plenty of L’s to all competitors – lol. Matter of fact, poor Roby is about 0-6 at this point – hopefully he won’t have to play me anymore.

This weekend should be laid back – I’ll make my back to Detroit today as I must perform some work this weekend so this won’t be an extended trip on the road.

NBA Inside Drive 2004

Well I was at last able to see my brothers completed video game in action yesterday while playing a little XBox at my cousins. The game looks great and the aspects of the playing environment that Roby did are fantastic. Some people weren’t quite sure what the impact of my previous statements regarding the game and Roby meant exactly. I’ll break it down: For every one of those games sold (say 10 million copies), that will be how many people will sit and look at his work on a tv screen for hours on end. Every basketball arena in the game was basically modeled (meaning he looked at photos, etc of the real-life arenas and then created the digital art versions in the game) by him. This includes the lighting above the arenas but does not include the crowds. He was also included in the motion-capture (animation of player moves) for the game.

Outside of the arenas, my favorite part and also what I think is pretty cool, is that he himself is a player in the game and he can trade himself to play for whatever team. He’s a secret player that he can unlock with his personal code. The player is nicknamed “Rose” and was modeled by one of his co-workers to resemble him. That’s pretty sweet! And that’s not some special copy of the game – that’s in the commercially available game…

What the hell???

What’s the deal with Lil’ Kim doing Old Navy commercials???

What ever happened to that Yao Ming guy that was supposed to shake up the NBA???

Michael Jordon should be smacked if he goes to coach the Bulls right along with Pippen for returning there to play…*ka pow* Have you no dignity???

If it was difficult for Bob Johnson (billionaire) to get an NBA team, what the hell is Jay-Z thinking??? More power to you bro…

Am I the only one who cracks up seeing the human dominoe beer commercial just because how funny everyone looks falling over?

What the hell was I thinking not visiting Ann Arbor on a Saturday night after the University of Michigan vs. Ohio State before a crowd of over 100,000 spectators??? And Michigan won……

Is it just me or does Wesley Snipes bald head remind you of the old roller ball deoderant tubes when he puts on a turtleneck? (Check out the movie with him and the girl from Love And Basketball)

Performance Enhancing Drugs

These days there seems to be a lot of talk about the use of steroids to gain an “unfair” competitive advantage over the next guy or gal…I find this to be an interesting topic. If the premise for all of the fan fare over this is that steroid use is considered cheating I would say that premise is ridiculous. I’ve competed in several different sports and ran with the best of the best but have never taken steroids nor would I promote doing so. Not because I consider it cheating but rather because of the health concerns associated with steroid use….

Here’s food for thought: Gatorade has a commercial which advertises how an NFL team was competing in a hot climate and were tiring quickly. Some folks had gotten together and created a liquid substance called “Gatorade” that a football team was drinking down in Florida, hence the name Gator. The substance aided the athletes in beating their competition so I guess that’s where “ade” as in aid came from. Hmmmm….. Let me think – team A drinks substance that team B isn’t drinking which gives them a competitive advantage and helps them win. Is this really any different???? In the commercial it shows how the NFL team went on to kick butt after they started drinking gatorade…. There are kinds of things millions of dollars are being sunk into to give athletes a competitive advantage. Sports Drinks, Vitamin-Loaded water, Ginseng, Mountain Dew, Coffee, better running shoes, better weightlifting equipment, better trainers, better coaches, etc. all in the name of having a competitive advantage over the opponent. What’s the difference?