Performance Enhancing Drugs

These days there seems to be a lot of talk about the use of steroids to gain an “unfair” competitive advantage over the next guy or gal…I find this to be an interesting topic. If the premise for all of the fan fare over this is that steroid use is considered cheating I would say that premise is ridiculous. I’ve competed in several different sports and ran with the best of the best but have never taken steroids nor would I promote doing so. Not because I consider it cheating but rather because of the health concerns associated with steroid use….

Here’s food for thought: Gatorade has a commercial which advertises how an NFL team was competing in a hot climate and were tiring quickly. Some folks had gotten together and created a liquid substance called “Gatorade” that a football team was drinking down in Florida, hence the name Gator. The substance aided the athletes in beating their competition so I guess that’s where “ade” as in aid came from. Hmmmm….. Let me think – team A drinks substance that team B isn’t drinking which gives them a competitive advantage and helps them win. Is this really any different???? In the commercial it shows how the NFL team went on to kick butt after they started drinking gatorade…. There are kinds of things millions of dollars are being sunk into to give athletes a competitive advantage. Sports Drinks, Vitamin-Loaded water, Ginseng, Mountain Dew, Coffee, better running shoes, better weightlifting equipment, better trainers, better coaches, etc. all in the name of having a competitive advantage over the opponent. What’s the difference?