The pursuit of love often involves the physical pleasures of intimacy, the excitement of courtship, blind trust or renewed trust, high expectations, understanding, and a number of other factors.  One item that I rarely hear mentioned is companionship.  Companionship is a quality that ha special meaning to me.  it’s the quiet glue that bonds two people together and breeds long-term commitment which comes about naturally.

To have have days, months, and even years go by and continue to someone’s presence in my life speaks volumes about the quality of the relationship that I share with that person.  Many people come and go quickly in our lives.  Others stick around for a lifetime in friendship.  A handful will be there in love for an eternity.  

Companionship is what we appreciate most in old age and last breaths, movies and high school dances, honeymoon cruises, 25-year anniversaries, etc.  Its why being single only means being without commitment rather than being alone.  Even single people often get snaged by the net of relationship if for no other reason than companionship.


It All Adds Up!

It All Adds Up…

In our walk through life we often feel like there are moves that we make that are positive steps forward…and then there are the occasional setbacks, or steps backward.  The thought crossed my mind earlier that when you have faith in God, there is no such thing as a setback, steps backward in life, or subtraction of our forward progress. 

In all things positive and adverse, God moves us forward towards a proper destination.  Hence “our steps are ordered“.  The “bad” in life  is what often teaches us the most, utilizes our muscles of faith, and brings out our inner-most strength.  Come to think about it, us Black folks shined the most in the past when we were in our most adverse times. Slavery, no equal rights, racism, and all kinds of other oppression set the stage for Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriett Tubman, Marcus Garvey, Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, and many others.

Today our struggles are different and subjectively better or less adverse, but opinion and statistics suggest we have less and shine not quite as brightly.  I’m not trying to knock anybody but rather simply taking notice that in the experiences of life, it all adds up and serves purpose in the days that follow.

Each day’s sum will always be greater than the day prior.  Perhaps take this day and truly appreciate how God has utilized ALL in our lives good and bad to prepare us for the present and provide strategy for the future. 

No steps back…  No subtraction…  Just addition and steps forward…even if they’re just baby steps


Long time… hear?

If there’s anyone still hanging around here these days I’d be surprised. It’s pretty obvious I don’t contribute updates to my blog here like I used to. I still have all the love in the world for my friends mainly and occasional newcomers who stop by here to check on me. I’ve just lost some of the desire to write as a past time of expression like I used to. Maintaining an adult life with the demands of work and avoiding going crazy has had its challenges but I’m relishing as much of it as I can. If you keep me in mind at least occasionally, don’t delete stop visiting here just yet. I haven’t thrown in the towel on it completely. However, I say just pick up the phone, drop an email, or send a text message to me when you get a free moment if I don’t give you a shout first. I’d love to hear from you and I mean that. Old friends and new friends alike – your presence and contributions to my life are never forgotten.

Be blessed and rejoice…