Long time…..no hear?

If there’s anyone still hanging around here these days I’d be surprised. It’s pretty obvious I don’t contribute updates to my blog here like I used to. I still have all the love in the world for my friends mainly and occasional newcomers who stop by here to check on me. I’ve just lost some of the desire to write as a past time of expression like I used to. Maintaining an adult life with the demands of work and avoiding going crazy has had its challenges but I’m relishing as much of it as I can. If you keep me in mind at least occasionally, don’t delete stop visiting here just yet. I haven’t thrown in the towel on it completely. However, I say just pick up the phone, drop an email, or send a text message to me when you get a free moment if I don’t give you a shout first. I’d love to hear from you and I mean that. Old friends and new friends alike – your presence and contributions to my life are never forgotten.

Be blessed and rejoice…


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