NBA Season

Well the NBA season is now underway and I’m really feeling what I see in my Lakers no doubt. I didn’t realize that we had picked up Bryan Russell which I think is one too many former Utah Jazz players but it’s still all good. I don’t really care for Horace Grant either – I just don’t feel he really buys us much out there on the floor but a bunch of whining – lol. Gary Payton has really moved up on my list of favorite players over the last two seasons after seeing him play in person and his performance tonight. Two players that I expect to see benched will be Kareem Rush and Pargo. I would prefer to see Rush gain experience somewhere else as his impact at the NBA level has been minimal at best and his defense is MIA. Pargo’s defense is suspect as well. With Fox and Kobe back in the lineup, things will be great. The Payton/Fisher combo up top is nice with Kobe, Malone, and Shaq to take care of everything else….

I’m also digging the new Tracy McGrady commercial sending a clear message to Lebron James and other “kids” coming from high school straight to the NBA – “Don’t worry – I’ll make sure they’ll get schooled every night” 🙂

I think Detroit should have picked up Carmello Anthony instead of the other guy but we’ll see how things pan out. Carmello seems like an added weapon while the other guy seems more like an added role player and not a go to scorer. I guess that fits more with the style of basketball played here in Detroit.

Thank God its time for another season of Inside the NBA!

Is anybody else getting more wrapped up in the ESPN series Players like I am???

Things I Suck At….

Okay – here’s the thing… There’s things I’m good and at and then there’s things that….well…you know – I suck at – lol. Here’s a few things that I can think of (I mean admit to :P)

  • Remembering names of people I just met
  • Remembering birthdays and other sentimental dates (typical)
  • Remembering ages of nieces and nephews
  • Telling stories and not saying “whatever” a gazillion times
  • Spending less than 30 minutes inside Best Buy
  • Hey…what can I say???? There’s always room for improvement…


    Seu potencial excede distante qualquer coisa que qualquer um permitiu sempre que voc? acredite. – LRH



    intr.v. despaired, despairing, despairs

    1. To lose all hope: despaired of reaching shore safely.
    2. To be overcome by a sense futility or defeat


    1. Complete loss of hope.
    2. One despaired of or causing despair.

    Despair is such a strong word to use to describe an emotional state but couldn’t many of us maybe relate to the #2 underlined definition? My life has been full victories and defeat… I just keep looking at the defeated moments as only temporary so that #1 of each section doesn’t become characteristic of me.

    Today I accept that I have been defeated and call to you Lord to replenish and rejuvenate my spirit so that I may start anew tomorrow, and end the day exhausted and depleted of all that I can give – victorious.