What the hell???

What’s the deal with Lil’ Kim doing Old Navy commercials???

What ever happened to that Yao Ming guy that was supposed to shake up the NBA???

Michael Jordon should be smacked if he goes to coach the Bulls right along with Pippen for returning there to play…*ka pow* Have you no dignity???

If it was difficult for Bob Johnson (billionaire) to get an NBA team, what the hell is Jay-Z thinking??? More power to you bro…

Am I the only one who cracks up seeing the human dominoe beer commercial just because how funny everyone looks falling over?

What the hell was I thinking not visiting Ann Arbor on a Saturday night after the University of Michigan vs. Ohio State before a crowd of over 100,000 spectators??? And Michigan won……

Is it just me or does Wesley Snipes bald head remind you of the old roller ball deoderant tubes when he puts on a turtleneck? (Check out the movie with him and the girl from Love And Basketball)