What’s On My Mind….

Well it’s been some time since I typed some thoughts out, drafted a powerful writing, or really shared some food for thought in my public journal so before laying down tonight I thought I’d spend some time just putting things out here for the public.

The Girl of My Dreams aka “The One…”

People have asked me on several occassions have I met the girl of my dreams or “the one” before. They are often surprised when I answer that “as a matter of fact, I have met her several times….”. She’s worn many faces and been called by different names but I’ve always known her when I felt her presence. For me, “the one” really isn’t a person at all, but rather a feeling that overcomes me that makes love to my soul, caresses my body, strengthens my heart, enhances my courage, calms my ship, and so on and so on…. When I experience the one there is no confusion, there is no uneasiness or uncertainty. Things feel as if they are as they should be….It’s an incredible feeling that I look forward to sticking with me some day rather than brief hopeful moments in time.

Year In Review – How time makes a difference or rather a difference is made with time….

Within the past year I:

  • Bought My First Home
  • Bought My First New Car
  • Survived A Cancer Scare (Lymphoma)
  • Had My First Ever Surgery (To Remove Enlarged Lymphnode)
  • Bought My First Christmas Tree
  • Ended A 4+ Year Relationship and Engagement (I apologize baby…)
  • Started My Own Corporation
  • Touched more lives than I could count
  • Been inspired by people on both sides of the world (*Much Love Dacia & Alma*)
  • Met some of Detroit’s and St. Louis nicest good hearted people (You all know who you are 😉 )
  • Well – I guess I’m going to stop here…my energy isn’t really high enough at this point to continue…