A Lost Father….

Tonight I lay down briefly and a thought came to my mind that I don’t always talk about much. It is the thought of my father. He was an incredible man who my mother says that I am much like this very day. He was a man of accomplishment despite many obstacles but also hardened somewhat by some of the tough blows he was dealt in his lifetime.

My brother and I were seniors in high school and 17 years old when he passed away. We had never known him as a healthy man. Having watched him live and fight for all those years with kidney disease, diabetes, undergoing in-home dialysis, chronic fatigueness, and other ailments I could only begin to communicate. I remember when his life was saved by his brother offering one of his kidneys to replace the two that had failed inside him. I remember the morning I knew would most likely be his last…

I loved my father and life has never been the same without him for any of us. He was a champion and a fighter who I miss dearly. He put me on the track towards becoming a man, being wise versus a fool, being strong versus a push-over. Despite everything we traveled the country, experienced life to the fullest, and absorbed knowledge truly priceless. Through my mother his spirit continues to live stay busy at work. She’s always had her own strength and a uncommon level of support that allowed my father to be the man he was.

Dad, or “Day” as we always called you – I thought of you tonight and just wanted to say your life’s work has yielded numerous masterpieces in the form of your children – Thank you….

Today will be a phenomenal day….This day is for you. RIP 😉

The Basics….

Age : 25
Height : 6′ 3”
Weight : 150
Birthplace : St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Native language : English and Jibberish
Ethnic background : African American
Married or Single : Single
Children : None
Siblings : 1 Paternal Twin Brother (2 minutes older), 1 Older Sister (8 years), 1 Older Half-Brother, 1 Older Half-Sister
Currently Reside : Detroit, Michigan, United States
Favorite color : None
Favorite movie(s) : Braveheart, Armmagedon, Independence Day, Matrix Triology, Vanilla Sky, others…
Favorite author(s) : Dr. Dennis Kimbro,
Favorite book : Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice by Dr. Dennis Kimbro
Hobbies : Web development, Laying in Front of the Fireplace, Watching DVDs, Writing, Sports (Playing and Watching), Video Games, Driving, Road Trips, and more…
Favorite music : alternative, commercial & underground rap/hip-hop, R&B, Rock, Salsa, Classical, anything but country for the most part…
Most embarassing moment : Not sure….
Best friend(s) : Yet to be determined… There have been candidates but they seem to phase in and phase out. There are plenty of good friends around me however…
Person I admire the most : Roosevelt Samuel Pittman Jr. (my father)
Favorite quote : “Your potential far exceeds anything anyone has ever allowed you to believe.” – L. Ron Hubbard
My biggest fault : Taking things too personal at times.
My best quality : My Love


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