My Network

For whatever reason I thought I would explain my computer setup at home… Maybe some technical minded people will read this and say “so what – mines better than yours!” 🙂

1 – Custom-built (by yours truly) desktop system: AMD Athlon 750MHz Slot A processor, 768MB PC100 SDRAM (memory), DVD-ROM drive, DVD/CD Burner, Studio DV/AV Video Capture Card, modem, audio, webcam w/video input, USB scannerk, zip drive. Windows 2000 Professional with 260GB of storage (2 internal ATA 100 hard drives), good AGP 2x graphic card, Lexmark USB color printer, and more…

1 – Toshiba Satellite Laptop: Pentium III 1GHz running Windows XP Home Edition & Red Hat Linux 9. Built-in 10/100 ethernet, DVD-ROM drive, floppy, USB, optical USB mouse, Linksys 802.11b wireless ethernet card, large screen, infrared, video output (composite/s-video), 368MB PC100 memory, etc.

1 – Dell Inspiron Laptop (work laptop): Pentium III 1GHz running Windows 2000 Professional. CD-ROM drive (boo), 512MB PC100 memory, Cisco 340 wireless ethernet card, optical USB mouse, etc.

1 – iPAQ 5455 Pocket PC running 2002 version of Pocket PC. Built-in 802.11b wireless networking and built-in Bluetooth

1 – Playstation 2 with Network Adapter and Wireless connectivity to the network for Online Play. Utilizes wireless ethernet bridge.

Networking: 3Mbps/768Kbps high speed internet connection, 802.11b Wireless Network with all laptops, the iPAQ, and the Playstation 2 connecting via wireless connections.

1 – HP 802.11b Wireless Printer (sweet)

5.8GHz Uniden Cordless phone system to avoid interference with 2.4GHz 802.11b wireless network although my GE microwave leaks enough signal to degrade wireless performance significantly when its being used.

I stay on top of all of the network stuff and security measures to keep things on point… Next enhancements will likely be wireless media streamers pipe audio/video from the desktop to the home theatre setup 🙂