We Don’t Want It….

We don’t really want love in our lives…the kind that makes you unselfish and giving to the fullest, eager and willing to go above and beyond our best intentions, undoubtedly delegating our lives to someone/something else with no knowledge of the risks or sacrifice required to truly have it. So we spend time convincing ourselves of exactly one zillion reasons why we can’t love RIGHT NOW. Our money isn’t right… We haven’t lived to the fullest as individuals yet… Too young… Too old… Blah Blah Blah – There’s a ring to all of this that we all know is just some bullsh&t because we are scared, selfish, unfulfilled, unsatisfied in our desire, and overall inadequately prepared to have the love we speak of really in our lives. In the face of love many of us are COWARDS. Love is love. It’s not patience; it’s not sacrifice, etc. It is what it is. Patience is patience. Sacrifice is sacrifice. Love is love. When love has succumbed you, nothing else will matter and timelines will be rendered meaningless. The rules will be broken and you will be a hyprocrit of your own making. Love conquers all, including you…and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. Just as we all meet our maker so shall we have a date with our love. It’s waiting for you, but YOU REALLY DON’T WANT IT.