Default Case

I’m Not Your Default Case…..

While having a conversation with a friend recently regarding my poem “Like An Orange”, the thought popped into my mind of how many men and women treat the courting process like what is referred to as a “case statement” in the software programming world. Let me explain for those of you who have no idea what that means 🙂

A case statement is simply a way to evaluate something against many different “cases” searching for one that matches what you are looking for. When you come across the first case that matches your criteria, you then proceed to follow the instructions associated with that particular case, disregarding all of the other cases. In the event that none of the cases match our criteria we must still take some action so we proceed to what is called the “default case”, which you could consider to be a sort of backup plan.

The parallel to dating and relationships lies in someone having an idea of what they want in a potential mate. As they proceed through (date) different cases (potential mates) they evaluate them to see if they meet their criteria, hoping that one of the cases sooner than later will match allowing them to proceed on executing further instructions within that case.

Unfortunately, all too often people evaluate a premature number of cases finding no match and then proceed to their default statement. No this default statement could be defined in many ways but what bothers me is when this default statement doesn’t instruct one to continue to better themselves, be prepared, and have faith, but rather to compromise settling for something that better than nothing…. Hence this is why I proclaim “I’m not your default case.”

I am not and will not be the other half of a woman who has simply exhausted the number of men she is willing to date in search of her dream man, compromising her integrity settling for me because I’m a “good man”. Would you want to play for a coach who picked you last to play for his/her team? I think not.

When I put a woman on my team she needs to understand that she’s the franchise player and all others are now free-agents 🙂 lol. I consider myself that type of player so just like Allen Iverson, I refuse to come of the bench….

I may not be case #1, nor do I think I would want to be, and I may not be the last case, but just remember that “I’m not your default case.”

The point is simple – don’t cheat yourself due to a lack of faith, confidence, self-esteem, integrity, or patience. Know what you want and don’t compromise without good reason. No one’s perfect out there but there’s someone perfect for each of us….