Just some thoughts….

Sometimes we are all faced with tough decisions that feel neither right nor wrong but simply must be made in order to allow for forward progress in our lives. Decisions can be tough for many reasons but when the circumstances deal with love and high emotions often times you have to have a high tolerance for risk and a lions courage to do what you think is best. Personally, I can’t say that I’ve always made the best decisions…in fact I’ve made some really ill-advised ones in the past that someone observing would identify simply as stupid. But that is life I suppose….

As this year winds down I will undoubtedly begin to reflect on where I am today as a result of all of the decisions I’ve made thus far. Really I already have started and I find that there aren’t any giant revelations for me to talk about with complete confidence – just a lot of “wins” and “losses”. Many of the wins I’ve had this year were very small. The losses have been somewhat great but generally those force me to be even more resolved than ever. That is largely because I believe there is little sympathy in this world, or at least America.

The first 6 months of this year are a blur to be honest. The last 6 months are vividly remembered as full of hell for the most part – lol. What next year holds for me is very much a question mark. I plan for 2005 to be my year but no more than I did last year. However, circumstances will be different in 2005 with the advantage going to me. …

But enough about me – despite discussing things in such a public forum I am generally very private. If you have found this website and follow it you probably already know a decent bit about me. I no longer really promote this site but people find it anyway.

This website will likely not continue in this form for much longer so I’d like to take an opportunity to say a big thank you to those of you who have visited from time to time, shared your thoughts, signed a guestbook, looked at a picture, etc. It’s all been for you my friends… 😉

I wish everyone a wonderful, blessed, and peaceful holiday season. May your prayers be answered in the biggest way in the days to come… 🙂