It’s been a long time since I really wrote something of much substance here and honestly, this may be one of my last posts for some time to come. I don’t intend to go anywhere, but I’ve felt the the need for some time now to refocus my efforts and energies towards moving onto not another level per say, but just something else. My desire to write in this capacity isn’t the same as it used to be… Why doesn’t really matter, but while I’m on the thought I’d really like to thank everyone that’s ever spent some time here new and old. You kept me going more than you know 😉

This year is rapidly coming to an end and so of course when the holidays set in, many of us start spending time reflecting on the year(s) past with joy, laughter, tears, disdain, pride, celebration, and many other sentiments. I wouldn’t say that I’m different in this regard, but I’m starting a little bit early.

I’ve seen a lot this year, experienced a lot, and showed a lot in the paths I walked thus far. With probably 2-3 trips left to squeeze in the rest of this year, 2006 has been my most diverse and likely most intense travel year ever! I spent quality time in 8 different countries this year if you include the US – The Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Austria, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. What an incredible time and I only really have had the opportunity to share maybe 20% of the experience with others. I eclipsed 100,000 miles on my ‘new’ car, which means that I’m actually averaging over 25,000+ miles a year in my car solely and no telling how many rental car miles! I won’t bore you with all of that though as I don’t want to try to wow your socks off with my travel stories. Everyone knows I travel a lot and most people think it’s all glamorous and super. Here’s a news flash: business trips aren’t the same as vacation/leisure trips – lol. Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t dare complain and traveling with work has allowed me to experience things definitely not anticipated growing up. When people ask me how is it, I tell them the experience truly depends on what happens when you get where your going. 🙂 It could be great…..It could be a nightmare. It could your ‘lucid dream’…. No matter what the case – there’s no place like home.

Emotionally this year I’ve wondered all over the place. Challenges have come from every direction with highs, lows, achievements, and failures…………………… [Author’s Note: This post has been in draft since 2006 and incomplete. Considering it’s 2010 now, I’m just going to post it as is.]

Detroit, Michigan, United States

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