Leaving…..On a Jet Plane

Well I’m almost there… Having flown across the Atlantic ocean for the first time has been cool thus far but I don’t really have anything too exciting to report. I’m feeling a little bit ashamed because I’m noticing lately that the meals on the airplanes are something I look forward too and better than my own *laughing* 🙂

For those of you I haven’t leaked the the latest and greatest news to yet, I have expanded my work travels to into Eastern Europe now to take on some new challenges at least temporarily. Of course the wife and kids weren’t happy about me being so far from home…wait a sec… I don’t have either of those at the crib *scratching my head (and that means the one on my shoulders 😉 ) I must have been thinking of my brother who has stepped into shoes I once tried on. Congratulations to him on his recent engagement and I’m happy for him and my future sister-in-law.

The family experienced a little bit of irony late last week. When my sister was 16 she decided to see how well she could drive and ended up learning that her driving skills sucked after driving my dad’s new car into the house into my parent’s bedroom. Yes we still tell that story to this day and no one has forgotten 🙂 After my sister finally moved into her new home last week and was getting settled a car just happened to drive itself down the street unattended crashing into the house and parking itself in the living room! Fortunately in both cases no one was hurt so we are all happy about that – thank God truly for that…

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