Tough Decisions…

Well hello world! Right now I’m in one of those moments where my mind is racing with thoughts as I weigh some potentially big decisions in what transpires for me this point forward. Too fast to write…but too much to not say anything. Even if you prepare yourself for the fork in the world sometimes you get there and you still just aren’t sure which way to go.

Since travelling to Europe for a while I’ve returned home and began working myself back into a routine on the home front. I left some things behind in Europe which may have been for the best, but I left some of my best over there too hopefully having a positive impact for the long term on what people think about African-Americans in general and males in particular.

7 Replies to “Tough Decisions…”

  1. I’m doing good everybody. I’ve been staying on the road tough all this year… Austria, Mexico, and of course through the midwest US 🙂 How are you Benford? Courtney – where the hell are you these days? Send me a email at so I can give you a shout. I might be around your way soon depending on where your at…

  2. Common now, update this mutha 🙂

    OoOh hey Sam, I’ve noticed that you’ve been working on your photos bro. It’s nice to see you aren’t afraid to make love to the camera 😉 mAuahaHah ya sexy thang ya. LoL

  3. I’m doing okay guys. I intend to re-emerge back on the scene before long. Just winding down a long year that was full of interesting happenings.

    Both choices for theme music would have been tight Lenfu – lol. I think I’d give the edge to DJ Magic Mike. You went deep into the crate for that one…. Man did I used to feel DJ Magic Mike – ol skool 4real 😉 “Feel da Bass” will always be a favorite.

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