I’ve Been Quiet….

Well it’s been about 6 months or so maybe since I last posted (I think) so I think its safe to say I’ve been fairly mum for some time now. Not that there hasn’t been much to talk about – but rather I’ve been keeping more of my thoughts within my head away from mass judgement by those that frequent this site. Please don’t think that everyone’s opinions aren’t valued on here. It’s just that some of you have other agendas, are offended easily, or take this way too seriously sometimes – you know who you are.

So 2005 is behind us now – what crosses your minds when you think back over it. I think of the extensive travel that I did outside of Michigan to places old and new such as Europe, the beautiful newcomers/oldcomers to my life who have made it worth living just that much more (my European, Malaysian, Mexican, Austrailian, Brazilian, and US people – you know who you are and if you don’t…that might tell you something ;)) I think of the relationships that were built up and the relationships that fell apart… I just think really all in all it was full – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

There were some tough losses – probably the biggest was losing my closest Aunt Myra to Lou Gehrig’s disease. That was hard and I don’t think I cried that hard in a long time. It was tough to hold it in while being there for my mom and my cousin, but at the funeral I was a bit overcome. I realize we all come and go so I don’t ask God why, but rather thank him for putting such a wonderful woman in my life who always made sure you said “yes ma’m” and taught generations of children how to tie their shoes like no other 🙂 She took it all in stride and passed on her terms and when she was ready – not a moment sooner or later.

I signed on to buy my second condo in downtown Detroit and unfortunately I’m still waiting for it be completed some 3 months behind schedule…. It allowed me to do some key things though which I’m grateful for. I became a landlord. I broke free mentally from a home that had a fiance and child missing in the back of my mind.

I’m really finding a new place and direction for my life right now – at work, socially, and physically but I feel comfortable in my ability to go wherever I want in my life right now. I’m back taking some classes to educate myself more formally again and I’m continuing my pursuit of knowledge at the dinner table weekly with a slew of books, CDs, and the Internet.

A past-time is still perusing BlackPlanet.com in my spare time seeing who’s visited my page and shared a note to say hello. My pool game is getting better and better. My basketball game is making a comeback. I’m gaining weight and getting stronger. I’m working more towards eating better and becoming the greatest me ever than anyone’s seen before. Quietly and surely, one foot in front of the other I’m building the momentum to launch to the next level and make some waves. This year is going to be about taking the cruise control off which has provided a steady pace and accelerating towards the legacy.

I hope 2006 is a new and positive year for all of us. We need it so we might as well get busy and have it together. But while we’re busy, be sure to enjoy the ride along the way 😉

2 Replies to “I’ve Been Quiet….”

  1. Sounds like last year you had a lot of reflecting and after doing so, you are ready to bring it home this year. It’s not always a smooth transition, but growth has its own unique pains, huh Sam?

    You go get it! You get this year and make it yours Sam! Go for it! This world is meant to be taken head on, the sleeper must awaken.

  2. Crossroads are always difficult to navigate. Luckily, there are always people to help us in case we find ourselves lost or misplaced along the way.

    2006 will be a better year for us all, huh? 🙂

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