I’m Only 2 Blame…

This time – I messed up real good. I broke all my own rules and probably even lost a friend or two in the process. The details of what happened aren’t important but I’m feeling pretty low right now. I’m really trying to get myself back on track mentally and get back to the things that made me someone you wanted to be around. Smiles seem more forced these days, my head doesn’t feel right, my body feels run down, and the days that go by that a goal is still pending are steadingly racking up.

I once wrote about “destroying and rebuilding” and how there are periods in one’s life where you must do so in order to progress towards something better. There’s been a lot of turmoil, stress, indecisiveness, and poor decisions I’ve experienced over the last 6 months that has taken a lot out of me and built up walls of challenges for me. I think its time I destroy the things which have brought me down including those within myself, and begin rebuidling with God, love, and a newfound motivation to go forward. I love the past but I gotta leave it all behind before it kills me. Its really all on me…

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  1. I can’t freakin believe it…I went to this website that sloganizes your name and put in “Sam”. It spit out the the following:

    “Life’s Pretty Straight Without Sam.”

    Just push me off the cliff why don’t cha…:(

  2. d00d, ease up off the edge. Sometimes, sometimes, you just have to do your thang and let life unfold. It’s not always going to be on the upside all the time, but you can always take comfort in knowing that as long as you draw breath, you can always make that change.

    You’re all good Sam. Common now, take deep breath, close your eyes, exhale and get to it!

  3. I started making some decisions today to make some changes and get back going. I’ve been way off track lately. It hasn’t been all bad, but challenging to say the least. I usually take good and bad in stride but things have just really been hitting close to home. To top things off, my mom’s house caught on fire today but thank God no one was hurt and the house was not destroyed. My heart dropped thinking that our family home for almost 30 years could have been all gone!

  4. Time to regroup, cleanse all the bad energy out and start fresh. Clean and throw out what you don’t need anymore…people included. Sometimes, people just really drag you down and you don’t realize how miserable they make you and how it affects EVERYTHING else in your life. Trust me, it works! Email/call if you need anything. 🙂

  5. I’m always here for you and know that you are always in my prayers. You were a rock for me when I needed someone so please allow me to be there for you. Everything works out in the end. Luv ya. You know how to contact me.

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