Progress Through Preservation

Often life comes at us fast with with no license plate or insurance. If we’re not paying attention, chances are we wake up at the closest hospital, victims of a hit and run and no idea what happened…

I do my best to stay alert and move at the speed of life, bobbing and weaving around the obstacles approached with reckless abandon, sometimes hanging on by a thread. Sure my grip weakens at times and the ice cold feelings of failure fill my blood like an IV of poison. Yet, I refuse to let go.

Focusing on nothing more than a simple grasp, I grip my life with a deep force that couldn’t be freed even with my passing. It is this determination that leads to persevering the difficult times and having full command of my life’s journey during better times. My grip strengthens, things slow down, and confidence brews. The speed of life becomes the journey of a lifetime. I’m ever thankful I hung on for every bit of it.

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